30 maj 2008

Sky Watch Friday

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24 maj 2008

My most precious plant

I'm celebrating today - celebrating the first bloom of Paeonia suffruticosa v. rockii.

Two years ago, I bought this plant. It wasn't very big when it arrived through the mail, and I wasn't really sure I had received the correct variety. But I needn't have worried - it was the delicate white, wild peony from China, that moved into my garden.

I didn't expect blooms for many years to come. But it only took this little shrub two years to develop its first flower. I know the flowers don't last very long, so I'm savouring every minute...

Tonight I'm celebrating this lovely bloom with champagne. Of all the plants that I've got in my garden, this is the most precious... /Katarina

22 maj 2008

Sky watch Friday - a Paraglider

Last Tuesday evening, in the province of Skåne (in the south of Sweden):
A Paraglider, hanging above the clouds...

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15 maj 2008

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day

Anemone sylvestris opened its first flower today - just in time for Garden Blogger's Bloom Day. A very sweet flower of spring!

The hostess of Garden Blogger's bloom Day is Carol, at May Dreams Garden

The 15th of each month we post about blooms in our gardens. Please visit Carol to find out more about what's blooming around the world!

Right now many plants in my garden have plenty of buds, but a few are actually blooming.

The Columbines are so pretty this time of year - they come in lots of different shapes, colours and sizes. These were grown from seeds a year ago:

Only one kind of Tulip is still in bloom - and it's my favourite 'China Town'. A tulipa viridiflora which is so delightful. Behind the Tulips Brunnera macrophylla show their cascades of tiny, blue flowers. The variegated leaves of the Brunnera mix very well with those of the tulip.

(Please scroll down a few posts if you want to see more pictures of China Town.)

Two Geraniums are blooming. The Geranium albanum has beautiful, pink flowers with darker veins:

My Geranium phaeum is grown from seed. It's colour is lilac and not as dark as the original. I like it very much!

The Aubrietias and the Iberis sempervirens cover the ground of the borders in pink and white.

As do the small plants of Erinus alpinus. This tiny plant was sown from seed and it's the first time I see its flowers.

The Caragana arborescens 'pendula' is striking right now. The leaves are light green and the small, yellow flowers cover the small tree.

Next to the Caragana there are som Meconopsis cambrica. I love the nodding, hairy buds and the yellow flower. Very soon its cousin, the Papaver orientale, will open their buds.

A bronze frog is guarding my newest plant: a Jack-in-the-pulpit - Arisaema -
which I bought during the weekend from Peter Korn. It has a striped bud and I can't wait to the see whole flower!

Wishing you all a delightful spring! /Katarina

12 maj 2008

A gorgeous Tulip

I've got a real beauty in my garden. Not the flashy, eye-catching type of beauty, but a sweet, romantic Princess. It's a Tulip with variegated leaves and flowers of palest pink with green streaks on the petals.

As you might have guessed, it's a Tulipa viridiflora. I bought the bulbs in Amsterdam last October and I'm so glad I did!

This is China Town:

I hope this beauty will like it here, in our garden! /Katarina

8 maj 2008

Sky Watch Friday

Sitting underneath the Oak Tree
enjoying the explosion of Nature

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4 maj 2008

Colours of the garden

We've had sunny days lately in Sweden and I've really enjoyed working in my garden. Finally, it's time to weed and to re-plant... and to plant new, fascinating plants. - How I enjoy working in my garden! Don't you?

Even though we are just in the beginning of May, there are already some great colours around.

The colour yellow is very eye-catching. I have to admit, that I'm not particularly keen on yellow, but during spring-time it's just great when Primula veris shine like small rays of sun:

And this Spring, I'm also amazed by the huge bunches of yellow flowers on the Mahonia bush:

However, I adore the colour blue - it's my favourite colour! The Grape Hyacinths are so very blue and so very lovely:

The Caucasian Forget-me-not is at its best right now. Tiny, blue flowers seem to fly above the very decorative foliage of 'Jack Frost'.

Blue and pink are the colours of the Pulmonaria 'Trevi Fountain'. Its silvery foliage look great underneath the colourful flowers.

The ground-covering Aubretia is also bluish - almost pink. Two years ago my Aubretias were just tiny, tiny seeds - and just look at them now!

Behind the Aubretia you can see the white Iberis sempervirens. Its white flowers are delightful! As are the white daffodils. Sir Winston Churchill is a favourite - such a pretty and very fragrant flower!

Wouldn't the world be a duller place without the colours of our gardens? /Katarina

2 maj 2008