11 april 2013

Photo Art Friday - Shadow and light

Badhytterna nere i badviken skiner i kvällsljuset. Bilden har fått en textur (pdpa Vintage vellum - blandningsläge Multiply) vilket ger den en sliten, gammaldags känsla. Det är åtminstone det jag hoppas på... - Tänk, om några månader är viken full av badande människor!

The bathing huts down by the sea are shining in the evening light. This picture has been given an old-fashioned, tarnished look by adding the texture pdpa Vintage vellum - blending mode Multiply. Well, at least that was my aim... - Just imagine, in a couple of months this creek will be filled with swimming people! 

Man  kan ha mycket roligt med photoshop. Ändrar jag blandingsläget till Difference blir bilden en fantasivärld:

Photoshop is great fun! If I change the blending mode to Difference the picture is transformed into a fantasy world:

Pixel Dust Photo Art hittar du här.

Thanks to Bonnie at Pixel Dust Photo Art for hosting!


11 kommentarer :

Anonym sa...

Kunde vara en målning av någon känd mästare.

Anonym sa...

what a beautiful place!

Miriam sa...

The first picture is so lovely. I hope it won't be too long until it is warm enough to bathe there.

Anonym sa...

How fun to see the different feelings you achieved with each photo.
Great photos...love those little houses!

Jeanne sa...

I love the first rendition of this spot especially... love the lighting and the coziness that you have created with your processing. Such a lovely spot... just waiting to be filled with lots of bathers!

linda sa...

A great photo! I love those bright little red houses and the bold contrast. The texture is perfect!

The Artful Diva sa...

The little red huts are grand!

Ida sa...

Oh what a picturesque scene. Love those red huts.
The next edit gives it a very mysterious otherworldly feel.

Currie Silver sa...

just deLIGHTfully wondrous!!

louciao sa...

Both of them look like fantasy worlds to me! Like toylands. Great fun!

NatureFootstep sa...

jag gillar den första varianten med, nästan, självlysande röda stugor. :)

Gillar du abstrakt kan du ju vara med i min NF Abstract!
Finns på nfmemes.blogspot.com :)

min PAF: