3 oktober 2014


En enda droppe vatten som faller
kan verka helt betydelselös och insignifikant
Men den torra jorden dricker girigt 
varenda liten droppe vatten som faller

A single droplet that slowly falls 
may seem unimportant and totally insignifacant
But the dry soil eagerly drinks
each and every droplet that falls


3 kommentarer :

Carol sa...

I love the words you wrote today to go with the photo. I can just imagine the earth rejoicing with each drop she receives!

Maureen @ Josephina Ballerina sa...

Hi Katarina,
GREAT photo!
What a great lesson -that the earth doesn't reject the seemingly small and insignificant. Each little drop is welcome and received.
Happy weekend to you and yours, m & jb

Debbie sa...

the poem is lovely, the image also!!!