14 november 2014

Spår i skyn

När våra vägar korsas en stund
när spåren efter oss lämnas kvar
när vi verkligen ser på varann
då stannar både tid och rum.

When our paths cross a moment
when the traces of us remain
when we really see each other
the world stops and time disappears.

7 kommentarer :

Jill Foley sa...

love this!

Dragonstar sa...

Incredible angle and view!

NatureFootstep sa...

fina ord till en härlig bild. :)

HansHB sa...

Herlige vinkler og linjer!
Kondensstriper er spennende på himmelen!
Her finner du mitt bidrag:

CJ sa...

Wonderful pony of view.

Every once in a while I see an "X" in the sky like this ---it reminds me of the scene in The Wizard of Oz when the witch creates and "X" over Dorothy and her friends.

(Visiting from B&W Weekend. My image is #54 CJ@ProArtz)

Claudia Willison sa...

Beautiful words. And a well spotted cross in the sky.

Jarek sa...

Big "X" on the sky :-) Great post