21 mars 2008

Good Friday - with plenty of snow

This year has been very strange. Normally, we have four quite different seasons in Sweden - but this year winter never came along... - Until now, that is.

A couple of days ago, winter arrived with lots of snow.

It's white and beautiful outside, but what about the plants? Many of them have already started their growth, like geraniums, daylilies and peonies just to mention a few. - What will happen to them now?

The Mahonia will survive. It's a tough bush and it will probably keep its flowers.

The Honeysuckle will probably go back to sleep for a couple of days, and wake up again when Spring returns...

But the crocuses don't look too happy.

Neither do the Hellebores

nor the Daffodiles.

I hope the Carex flagellifera will survive - it's bronze-coloured foliage looks great during summer when planted next to plants with silvery leaves.

The Chives might not like it underneath the snow; I hope they won't rot!

Tomorrow I'm going to take a witches' ride! Happy Easter!

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Threadspider sa...

Ooh-lovely pictures of the snow and you have decorated birch twigs too! I must do that tomorrow.
I expect your plants will survive-I certainly hope so. It is very cold here and in the east of England snow is forecast, but not for us in the south.
Have a happy Easter and enjoy your witches' ride. Will you write about it?

thepowerguides sa...

sounds like you are quite lucky up to now we seem to have had snow since November with minimum 6 inches on the ground since then and here we are on easter weekend with 12 - 15 inches forecast for today .


GardenJoy4Me sa...

Hi Katarina .. even with the snow those are beautiful pictures !
That Bronze Carex .. do you know the name ? and what weather zone are you actually in ? .. I would love to grow some of those bronze coloured carex too !

Frances, sa...

Katarina, your poor flowers! But should survive, we have many of those same early bloomers and they seem to have some type of antifreeze that allows them to withstand the cold and snow, then stand back up when the warmth returns. Have fun on your witch's ride!
Frances at Faire Garden

Marie sa...

The flowers may not be happy, but the photos are beautiful!

Glad påske :)

Weed Whackin' Wenches sa...

Happy Easter Katarina! The daffs look so sad buried in all that snow.

guild-rez sa...

thank you for all your comments. Don't worry your flowers will survive the late snowfall, perhaps keep them warm. But if you get very cold temperatures the young plants will get some frost bites. Nature takes care of itself:-))
Hope you have a wonderful Easter holiday.
cheers Gisela
My daughter Eva-Maria, Katharina lives in Varberg with her family.
She and her husband are teachers
as well.

Yolanda Elizabet sa...

We've been having a lot of strange weather these past few years, don't you think? Your poor flowers look very cold and unhappy. Hopefully they will all survive once the weather returns to normal.

Happy Easter Katarina!

BTW love your broomstick! :-D

lareine sa...

i love the contrast of the flowers against the powdery white snow! but you're right, winter seems to be having its vengeance now... poor plants... i hope they can survive the cold temperature...

Jean Ann sa...

We don't have much of a winter here, and we have long dark days followed by long sunny summers...I would guess yours is even more extreme...but I am always glad when it finally arrives!

Sue Swift sa...

I love your Easter egg tree! was that your idea or is it a swedish custom? In any case, I think I'll steal it for next year!

Nicole sa...

I hope your plants survive, but these are very beautiful pictures. Unusual too, as you noted. The Mahonia looks gorgeous-I have never heard of it.

Kerri sa...

Your flowers look wonderful even buried in snow and your photos are exquisite!
I'm a little late, but I hope you had a lovely Easter.