29 mars 2008

Violets are blue

The snow is slowly melting away. Spring has decided to return. Tonight we're going to put our clocks and watches forward one hour - summertime is here.

In my borders the tiny Viola odorata has started to bloom. The colour is stunning - so very, very blue. And it smells heavenly. So, I forgive its invasive nature and bend down to enjoy the flowers.

Another Violet that I enjoy, is Viola hederacea. It's a Violet from Australia, if I'm not misinformed, so I keep it in my winter garden until the risk of frost is over. Like its cousin Viola odorata, it has a spreading habit. But its easily removed from unwanted spaces and the tiny flowers are very pretty indeed.

A distant cousin to those two Violets, is the Pansy. I just love pansies! The flowers often remind me of small, human faces and they are early bloomers which come in lots of different colours and sizes. I prefer the smaller varieties since they look more like violets. Especially the blue ones.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend with lots of sun! /Katarina

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GardenJoy4Me sa...

Katarina what pretty pictures to see while I still have to look at snow in my garden.
I am a violet and pansy fan. The scent of pansies is wonderful. I remember them still as a very young child. They won my heart.
I have Labrador Violets" Viola labradorica .. in my garden .. I haven't noticed a scent but they are so pretty I don't mind them seeding in the garden.
Nice bright post to read today .. thank you !

GardenJoy4Me sa...

Katarina .. I forgot to ask you something .. the roses on your header picture .. are they Ballerina ? .. the climbing version ?

Katarina i Kullavik sa...

Joy - the rose on my header is a tea hybrid - Dainty Bess. I simply adore its flowers...


Har njutit en stund av dina utsökta foton av utsökta växter i snö och annat.
Kramar Eva Agnes

Ewa sa...

so sweet violets :) pure beauty :)

Threadspider sa...

Heavenly blue violets and pansies. Such lovely photographs, Katerina, of such delightful plants.

And thank you for your good weather wishes-it has been a glorious day here today. Spring in the air. There will be apple blossom next week.

Catherine sa...

Beautiful captures of the violet~one of my favorite flowers! Lovely blue's! :) I have an award for you in honor of your Excellent blog, so come by when you have time!

Meems sa...

So glad you are seeing some blooms, Katarina. Very pretty blue of the Viola. It's good for me to enjoy these from your garden as I do not grow them in the deep south of Florida.
Hope you had a good weekend and don't miss that 'hour' too much.
Meems @Hoe&Shovel

Marie sa...

Beautiful flower photos!

Jean Ann sa...

Mmmm, the blue is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for stopping by and celebrating the first harvest with me!

Poppins sa...

Vilka söta små skönheter! Det är något speciellt med en liten viol som tittar på en. :)

artistsgarden sa...

What lovely photographs. I adore violets.


Surya sa...

Blue or violet flowers is rare in my country. That's why I like them.

Lisa at Greenbow sa...

Such a lovely collection of blues. I can't wait for our violets to start blooming.

Blackswamp_Girl sa...

Hi Katarina! I just found your blog via Leslie from Growing a Garden in Davis, and I wanted to say that I'm enjoying your posts immensely. Those little violets are so sweet. :)

Ida sa...

Beautiful! :)
Love no. 3.
A delicate photo.

Patsi sa...


Did I say I love the way you write ?
Your modesty allows your Art to speak.
I'm so impressed.