4 maj 2008

Colours of the garden

We've had sunny days lately in Sweden and I've really enjoyed working in my garden. Finally, it's time to weed and to re-plant... and to plant new, fascinating plants. - How I enjoy working in my garden! Don't you?

Even though we are just in the beginning of May, there are already some great colours around.

The colour yellow is very eye-catching. I have to admit, that I'm not particularly keen on yellow, but during spring-time it's just great when Primula veris shine like small rays of sun:

And this Spring, I'm also amazed by the huge bunches of yellow flowers on the Mahonia bush:

However, I adore the colour blue - it's my favourite colour! The Grape Hyacinths are so very blue and so very lovely:

The Caucasian Forget-me-not is at its best right now. Tiny, blue flowers seem to fly above the very decorative foliage of 'Jack Frost'.

Blue and pink are the colours of the Pulmonaria 'Trevi Fountain'. Its silvery foliage look great underneath the colourful flowers.

The ground-covering Aubretia is also bluish - almost pink. Two years ago my Aubretias were just tiny, tiny seeds - and just look at them now!

Behind the Aubretia you can see the white Iberis sempervirens. Its white flowers are delightful! As are the white daffodils. Sir Winston Churchill is a favourite - such a pretty and very fragrant flower!

Wouldn't the world be a duller place without the colours of our gardens? /Katarina

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Northern Shade sa...

As a fellow northern gardener, I really appreciate the first colour bursts. The blue spring flowers seem to coordinate so well with all of the other spring colours.
I love the 'Sir Winston Churchill' daffodil you have; I'm partial to double white daffodils.
Your Aubretia has filled in nicely in 2 years. Did you sow it indoors first or plant it directly into the garden?

Jane Marie sa...

Yellow is one of my favorite colors but I don't seem to have too much in my garden. I guess at one time I overdid it, and then I kept thinking I can't buy any more yellow plants. Now they are almost gone. It can be a very dominant color. It catches the eye in quilts also, so it is used very little there.

jodi sa...

Interestingly, Katarina, our garden seems to have caught up with yours; things are blooming at about the same time here as in your garden. I love the yellow primula especially.

Andrea sa...

Spring is really arriving in leaps and bounds now for you. Here in Germany it is amazing, too. Daily you can see changes. I love this time of the year. Andrea

joey sa...

Your spring garden is lovely, Katarina. Isn't it amazing how things change from morning to night? For sure, a time to embrace each moment ...

Yolanda Elizabet sa...

Your garden is certainly looking very colourful Katarina. Yellow is a great colour for spring, I agree. Primulas are one of my favourite flowers and yours looks very pretty.

Green thumb sa...

Dear Katarina, your garden is literally bathed in colour this spring. I love the Blue Grape Hyacinths...we don't see them very commonly here.
Best Wishes

Marie sa...


Ida sa...

Beautiful colours! :)
Beautiful flowers!