12 maj 2008

A gorgeous Tulip

I've got a real beauty in my garden. Not the flashy, eye-catching type of beauty, but a sweet, romantic Princess. It's a Tulip with variegated leaves and flowers of palest pink with green streaks on the petals.

As you might have guessed, it's a Tulipa viridiflora. I bought the bulbs in Amsterdam last October and I'm so glad I did!

This is China Town:

I hope this beauty will like it here, in our garden! /Katarina

6 kommentarer :

Titania sa...

This is really a delightful Tulip.
A very special treasure.

Jane Marie sa...

I had a parrot tulip that had markings similar to this but this one is far superior. What a find.

Anonym sa...

what a wonderful tulip
great shot

Andrea sa...

What a beautiful tulip! I like the green around the blossom about tulip Angelique as well. Some of my tulips did not appear this year, mostly parrots though. Nice shots as always. Andrea

joey sa...

I adore tulips, Katarina, and that is indeed a rare beauty!

Mireille sa...

I love the parrot tulip and specially in these colours...
Beautiful photos, thanks