15 maj 2008

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day

Anemone sylvestris opened its first flower today - just in time for Garden Blogger's Bloom Day. A very sweet flower of spring!

The hostess of Garden Blogger's bloom Day is Carol, at May Dreams Garden

The 15th of each month we post about blooms in our gardens. Please visit Carol to find out more about what's blooming around the world!

Right now many plants in my garden have plenty of buds, but a few are actually blooming.

The Columbines are so pretty this time of year - they come in lots of different shapes, colours and sizes. These were grown from seeds a year ago:

Only one kind of Tulip is still in bloom - and it's my favourite 'China Town'. A tulipa viridiflora which is so delightful. Behind the Tulips Brunnera macrophylla show their cascades of tiny, blue flowers. The variegated leaves of the Brunnera mix very well with those of the tulip.

(Please scroll down a few posts if you want to see more pictures of China Town.)

Two Geraniums are blooming. The Geranium albanum has beautiful, pink flowers with darker veins:

My Geranium phaeum is grown from seed. It's colour is lilac and not as dark as the original. I like it very much!

The Aubrietias and the Iberis sempervirens cover the ground of the borders in pink and white.

As do the small plants of Erinus alpinus. This tiny plant was sown from seed and it's the first time I see its flowers.

The Caragana arborescens 'pendula' is striking right now. The leaves are light green and the small, yellow flowers cover the small tree.

Next to the Caragana there are som Meconopsis cambrica. I love the nodding, hairy buds and the yellow flower. Very soon its cousin, the Papaver orientale, will open their buds.

A bronze frog is guarding my newest plant: a Jack-in-the-pulpit - Arisaema -
which I bought during the weekend from Peter Korn. It has a striped bud and I can't wait to the see whole flower!

Wishing you all a delightful spring! /Katarina

17 kommentarer :

Sarah Laurence Blog sa...

Katarina, I love the how the light filters through these delicate blooms. They look so vibrant! Really nice photography and gardening.

Carol sa...

I love that picture of the tulips and brunnera together. What a great combination. And I see we have some of the double columbines in common.

May is such a great month in the garden! Thanks for joinin us for bloom day.

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Vanillalotus sa...

Wonderful blooms. Your columbine are beautiful. The tulip takes my breath away! I'm not too big of a fan of tulips but that ones makes me want to like them.

Marie sa...

Beautiful flowers in your garden :)

Catherine sa...

Beautiful garden blooms Katarina!!
Love the tulips! And I too love columbines, you have a beautiful array of colors, I planted some from seed a year ago also, and they are blooming beautifully in all kinds of colors, singles & doubles, but aphids are giving me a time on them, do you or have you ever had a problem with aphids on yours..?
Thanks for visiting! :D
wishing you a delightful spring too ! :)

Gail sa...

Such a delightful post...the beautiful columbines are so very different than I am used to seeing, as is the Jack in the Pulpit...it is all very lovely, thank you,

clay and limestone

gintoino sa...

Great blooms! I love the blue columbine and the yellow poppy. I wonder if they would do well around here?

Green thumb sa...

Dear Katarina,all your flowers look lovely esp the Columbines...they look so delicate!
Best Wishes

Bonnie sa...

The jack in the pulpit looks so cool- I'll have to check out some more pictures of it in bloom.

joey sa...

Though far away, I am always amazed at how many favorites we share, Katarina.

Sheila sa...

Lovely pictures! Very inspiring!

Titania sa...

Katarina, your photos are exquisite.You grow very special plants in your delightful garden. I love the Geranium albanum, does not grow for me, but I am happy to come into your garden and admire it; the Columbines are pretty. I have tried to grow them, not with much success, some have grown but also disappeared quickly, the heat might be to much for those delicate blooms. Later I have learned to be content and plant only heat resistant plants.
You have a lovely bloomday display. Enjoy!

Surya sa...

I love your garden. Full of blooms. Great photos.

Yolanda Elizabet sa...

What a lovely contribution to GBBD Katarina. I love the columbines especially and the little froggy too. You must publish a pic on your blog of that gorgeous Arisaema when the flowerbud has opened! It looks very promising indeed.

Your Meconopsis are a joy, yellow is such a cheerful colour in the garden.

BTW I hope your garden did not get damaged by frost or snow.

Kram, Yolanda

Viooltje sa...

Wonderful photos and what a beautiful spring garden. That Erinus is just so breathtaking. I have bought one this spring as a small container plant but hopefully one day it would spread and be as lovely as yours. Wonderful!

lareine sa...

hi! it seems that for the meantime pink/purple is the color of your garden... the weather here has been nice too, so i'm doing a lot of gardening... i hope you're having a great time there, especially with your garden and your flowers (i love the columbines, particularly the blue/purple one:))...

Nicole sa...

Your columbine and tulip are so beautiful. You have these unusual varieties I don't see often even in pictures.