18 juli 2014

Six word Friday - Chase

Jagar glädje och lycka varje dag,
glömmer att ett leende är smittsamt
När ni ler, blir jag lycklig

Chasing joy and happiness each day,
forgetting that a smile is contagious
When you laugh, I feel happy

Link: Six word Friday at My Memory Art

6 kommentarer :

Tamar SB sa...

These are precious! Lovely smiles and gorgeous blue sky!

Adrienne sa...

Beautiful sentiment - and the shots are lovely! You captured personality and closeness in a great setting! Thanks for linking up!

Maureen @ Josephina Ballerina sa...

She leans on him, he leans on her. Love it.

Carol sa...

Sweet and tender! Are you somewhere in Europe?

Brandi sa...

Lovely photos, such beauty and such blue skies!

Anonym sa...

Joy and happiness, some good things to chase in life!