11 juli 2014

Six word Friday - Pick

Blommorna jag plockade bara för dig
vissnade fort av längtan, av saknad
Jag ville ge dig en sommar
med blommor, med skratt, med kärlek

The flowers I picked for you
wilted quickly from longing and loss
I wished for you a summer
picking flowers, picking laughter, picking love


4 kommentarer :

Tamar SB sa...

So pretty and such beautiful words. Love the editing you did!

Maureen @ Josephina Ballerina sa...

Hi Katarina!
Awwww..... That's sad but sweet. That's why I don't particularly covet cut flowers. I always think they would have lived longer had they been left alone. Oh well...

It still amazes me that you make six words work in both languages. Pardon my ignorance, but what language is that?
Ah-HA! Just checked your profile. It's Swedish. Right?

Felicia sa...

love your image.

Adrienne sa...

Such a wistful image - and the words are so dreamy and nostalgic! Lovely contribution!!