4 juli 2014

Six word Friday - Free

Fri att gå min egen väg
välja höger, vänster, framåt eller bakåt
Fri att välja och att omvärdera
fri att stanna eller att fortsätta

Free to go my own way
to choose right, left, forward, backward
Free to choose and to reconsider
free to stay or to continue

Six word Friday is hosted by Adrienne at My Memory Art.

7 kommentarer :

Anonym sa...

Stunning! Nature never ceases to amaze :)

Merja sa...

Häftig bild:)Tur vi har möjligheten att själva bestämma.
Trevlig helg!

maryaustria sa...

Such a wonderful and gorgeous photo! Great!

Debbie sa...

oh what an amazing capture, perfect for todays word!!!

Maureen @ Josephina Ballerina sa...

Whoa! You have six word lines in BOTH languages. :)
The words of your poem are true -especially, for those of us who live in countries who have certain degrees of freedom. But even then, it is sometimes hard to remember. How easy it is to feel stuck. I must remember my freedom. Thanks for the reminder!

RNSANE sa...

What a spectacular photograph and your words only make it better!

Adrienne sa...

Such a stunning picture! And I most often associate the idea of choice with freedom! Thanks for linking up!