27 april 2008

Flowering bulbs

This is a delightful time of year. Sunny days and chilly nights make the spring flowers last... and thus we get plenty of time to rejoice!

Fritillaria meleagris has opened up its checkered flowers. It's an amazing sight!
I only wish they would stay for a couple of months....instead of weeks.

One of its cousins, Fritillaria persica, amazes me tremendously. Its amost black flowers add mystery to my garden.

I'm getting more and more fond of tulips. Tulipa tarda is a welcome sight this time of year. The yellow flowers open up each time the sun passes by.

As does it's relative Tulipa saxatilis. They are both botanical and very sweet. This one has a lovely scent.

Tulipa purissima is quite tall and very handsome! Its yellow flowers fade into a creamish white - an absolute favourite of mine!

Another tulip that is very pretty is Apricot Beauty. I'm getting more and more fond of tulips!

Red Paradise is also nice. It's got yellow splashes and a yellow centre inside.

Finally, I must admit that I'm fascinated by the tulip Rococo. It's quite weird looking - almost ugly - and yet so very beautiful... Don't you think?

On top of that - it's got a nice scent!

My husband is going to Amsterdam next week. I wonder if they have bulbs of tulips for sale this time of year...?

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Sheila sa...

Lovely pictures! I planted Fritillaria here in Souther California this year and it did wonderfully. Such an unusual and striking plant!

Viooltje sa...

What a wonderful blog. Being a prisoner of my garden (especially now in spring) I rarely find time to do anything else but dig in the dirt or roam through the garden centers so I'm very grateful whenever Blotanical shows me the way to another stunning blog where I can enjoy both excellent photography and quality reading. I too wish some of my flowers would last a bit longer. But then again, there's always something to groan about... ;-) Such is the life of a gardener. Cheers!


patientgardener sa...

I particularly like the black Fritillaria - I will keep an eye out for it. I like your blog too

Karen Hall sa...

I really like the Fritillaria -
I adore tulips - but I only came to enjoy them in "later life"
An Artist's Garden

guild-rez sa...

Katarina, wonderful pictures..
Your tulips are are very lovely and the colours are pretty.
I planted a few Fritillaria's last year but have to protect the plants with upside down metal basket. The squirrels really like to eat all of my spring bulbs for breakfast, lunch and dinner:(
Boodmeal helps for a little while.
- Cheers.

Marie sa...

Beautiful, beautiful flowers...

zvrk sa...

Beautiful fritillarias!
Just to say i like your blog and to say you live in a beautiful part of Sweden . I have spent a week in Gothenburgh around Christmas 2007.

Catherine sa...

Beautiful pictures and flowers!
LOve the fritillarias..never seen the almost black one~what a stunner! Beautiful tulips also..love the red paradise, and I really like Rococo~so unusual!! And I think beautiful!
Have a wonderful week!

joey sa...

We have very similar passions, Katarina, and a joy to see spring through your artful eyes.

Robin's Nesting Place sa...

You have such unique and interesting blooms.

Lisa at Greenbow sa...

Such beautiful blooms. Seeing these makes me want to plant more bulbs next fall.

Andrea sa...

Seeing your Fritilaria reminds me that I've forgotten to buy it AGAIN. I absolutely love it! Your tulips are beautiful, especially the dark red one you called "almost ugly", but it isn't. When you thought about bulbs in Amsterdam, I was tickled to death. I just recently said to my husband, I'd ask a Dutch colleague the next time he flys home in the fall to bring along some bulbs for me. :-) Have a great weekend. Andrea

Ewa sa...

Tulips make spring a great promise of spring :) I also love them more and more.