15 april 2008

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day

Carol, at May Dreams Gardens is the creator of Garden Blogger's Bloom Day. The 15th of each month we post about flowers in our gardens! Today, the 15th of April, my garden here in Sweden is still dormant - waiting for warmer temperatures. But there are some plants in bloom...

Pansies and primroses are always a pretty and welcoming sight:

The primrose 'Black Lace' is a great eye catcher. The petals are almost black:

And the white Daisy is lovely, so pure in colour, it goes very well with other flowers:

The Lungwort 'Trevi Fountain' is in bloom. This variety has an almost silvery foliage:

And the Hellebores continue to embellish my garden. A newcomer this year, is the hellebore 'Green Corsican' - a German hybrid with strong, upright stems and big, white and greenish flowers. It's stunning - I'm so glad found it!

The Caucasian Forget-Me-Not 'Jack Frost' started to bloom yesterday - just in time for Garden Blogger's Bloom Day!

I've also found some Wood Anemones in my borders - I wonder how on earth they got there?

The Arabis purpurea from Cyprus is still blooming - they're such adorable plants! I grew them from seeds last year and they've been blooming for months... They started just when the Snowdrops opened up their first flowers, and they're still at it!

Finally, a plant which isn't blooming but the foliage is so exquisite - both in shape and colour. It's a stonecrop - and unfortunately I've lost it's name... Does anybody know?

Happy Garden Blogger's Bloom Day, all of you!

13 kommentarer :

Leslie sa...

That black lace primrose really is a great eye catcher! And your other photos are wonderful too...pretty flowers but also well photographed.

Carol sa...

Beautiful flowers, I especially like the violas.

Thanks for joining us for bloom day again, all the say from Sweden.

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Meems sa...

Great blooms for a garden not yet awake. I'm in love with that black lace...so unique, petite and vibrant. Oh, and your pansies are to envied with their happy faces so vivid and bright.
Next month should bring you some warmer air I imagine.

Anonym sa...

Underbara blomsterbilder! Snart är sommaren här.... :D

Ninni sa...

Helt underbara bilder som du visar! Den vita Bellisen tillsammans med penséerna, så fräscht...
Sen tycker jag mycket om kronan...men nu hade det kommit en liten pensé i mitten istället.

Karin A sa...

Så mycket som blommar hos dig trots att det bara är är mitten av april. Jag undrar om det har kommit lika långt hemma hos mig. Härliga bilder! Kram Karin

Blackswamp_Girl sa...

Oh, how wonderful to find some "gift" wood anemones in the border!

All of your blooms are lovely, but I'm in love with that sedum contrasted against the metal of the crown. I can't give you a 100% guaranteed ID, but it looks an awful lot like sedum spathulifolium 'Cape Blanco'... in its winter coloring. If it turns more white/grey in the summer and flowers yellow, then I have more of a chance to be right about that ID.

Ida sa...

Beautiful pictures from the bloom in your garden right now! :)

Green thumb sa...

Lovely collection of flowers for Bloom's Day, dear Katarina...I am particularly smitten by Black Lace Primrose.Each flower looks like a lace motiff...truly enchanting!

Sarah Laurence Blog sa...

I've never seen primroses or daisies in such funky colors. You make me want to visit Sweden. I just bought a novel, Benny and Shrimp, by a Swedish author. I haven't started it yet, but it looks interesting.

Catherine sa...

Beautiful flowers! And beautiful photo's of them! Looks like a beautiful lungwort! And the last shot is great~love the crown! And the stonecrop looks perfect enveloping it!! Sorry, wish I knew the name!
Enjoy the weekend!
Great post!
Lots of beautiful blooms!

Anonym sa...

Lovely photos Katarina, I really like the "black lace" primrose.

Marie sa...

I love these photos!

Have a nice Sunday :)