25 april 2008

Skywatch Friday

Soon, very soon the birches will be filled with green leaves, and we will be filled with joy and happiness...

Here you will find more contributions to Skywatch Friday.

8 kommentarer :

Small City Scenes sa...

Beautiful!! The blue is so brilliant with the white contrast of the birch. You have a delightful blog. MB

Anonym sa...

If now the view is great, I guess when full of leaves it will be even prettier.

Jane O' sa...

Wonderful shot. Such a clear sky.
I am missing Sky Waych Friday today because I am stuck inside working and didn't plan ahead. Maybe next week. Shoot!!!

Threadspider sa...

That's a very fine study of a very fine tree.

Unknown sa...

Flott bilde og bra perspektiv i dag Katarina!

Linken din på mr.linky har fått en backslash for mye så den fungere ikke som link. Her ser du feilen


Ha en trevlig vecka!

Katarina sa...

Tack John - det får jag fixa till! /Katarina

Marie sa...

Nydeleg med den kvite treleggen mot blå himmel!

Tenk at om nokre få veker har bjørka eit grønt slør...

God helg :)

PS eg har mange bilete av nyfødde lam i dag :)

Unknown sa...

Great picture for Sky Watch Friday..
We have now so many participants in SWF.
I am only visiting the ones who visit and left a message on my blog.
May I suggest to you to remove your blog "comment enabling"
feature ? If you do you'll have more visitors.
In case you don't like a specific comment on your blog just delete it.
- Cheers