5 april 2008

Wild flowers in the woods

Walking my dog in the woods today, I brought my camera with me. The weather is overcast today, as you can see on this picture:

The Wood Anemones are out! They form a lovely green carpet underneath the trees.

Spring is the best season, I think. Listening to the birds and seeing all those lovely Wood Anemones made me light at heart.

Another wild flower that I found on my walk, was the Pile Wort. Round buds, opening up into a sweet little flower.

But as you can all see on the following pictures - the slugs are out as well... Evidently they have tasted the flowers. Nevertheless, Spring is here and I'm happy!

Do you have those two flowers in your country?

Wishing you all a Happy Spring! /Katarina

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gintoino sa...

I think we have the second one (the yellow one) arround here, but I don't know its name.

Jane Marie sa...

We have the Wood Anemone here but I"m not sure of the Pile Wort. I've never heard of it but I'm not real education on wildflowers. It's very pretty. I'm going to look it up right night. Thanks for sending me on a new search, I enjoy the hunt.

GardenJoy4Me sa...

Katarina ... that must have been a peaceful and pretty walk in the woods with such nice flowers to see there. I haven't been in the woods walking in years .. I have to do that again.
Beautiful pictures as always !

Marie sa...

Beautiful spring flowers! Yes we have these flowers in Norway too.

Have a nice weekend :)

Karin A sa...

Härliga bilder! Jag har sett både vit- och gulsippor idag men även blåsippor. Det riktigt känns att våren är här nu. Tack snälla för utmärkelsen! Ha en trevlig helg!

Kram Karin

Threadspider sa...

It's difficult to beat the joy of a walk in the woods in spring. Lovely wood anemones out too. I think the yellow flower is what we call Lesser Celandine, (Ranunculus ficaria). If it isn't, it is very similar.
Can you post more about your winter garden? I'm not quite sure about what you mean by this.

Nancy J. Bond sa...

It looks like you had a delightful stroll through the woods -- spring is my favorite time of year, also. :)

Marie sa...

Please visit my blog, I am giving the Excellent award back to you!

Andrea sa...

hello, we have the yellow one and the wood anemone here. Great shots, Andrea

Barbara sa...

A little hello from Switzerland where we have both plants you show in your pictures. They are both in my garden too. Unfortunately celandine is a very invasive and persistent wildflower. Actually most of my borders are yellow. But they disappear again in May as quick as they came out. So we have arranged us ;-) !!
You have a lovely blog with an interesting name (!), and I'll certainly come back visiting you.
Have a good time,

Catherine sa...

Lovely pics from your walk in the woods... I know we have the wood anemone, I'm not sure about the yellow one~the pile wort~what a name :) I dont remember seeing it before. Listning to the birds sing, & seeing the flowers does make you light at heart!! And Happy ~Yeah! it's SpRiNg!! :D I am going to keep my eyes open for the pile wort!
Have a great week!

Ida sa...

Hello Katarina.
Thank you for visiting my blog. I`m always glad to discover new garden blogs. :)
I Will take a look around here now. I will add you to my link list also.
The spring flowers in this post are beautiful. We have the same flowers in Norway. But, i have not seen them in bloom yet this year.
Take care, so long.

joey sa...

I adore Wood Anemones, Katarina, but mine are still sleeping. Can't wait for them to wake!

lareine sa...

we have them here but i haven't seen one yet... spring is rainy here... and i hate those slugs :)