1 juni 2008

Flowering Burnet roses

This is a most unusual year when it comes to weather. Normally, the month of May is a chilly and damp one, on the west coast of Sweden. This year, May has been hot and extremely dry. And the sunny, dry weather seems to continue...

The Scottish Burnet roses are the first group of roses to bloom in my garden. They are planted in poor soil but they don't seem to mind at all. Very free flowering.
Even though they only flower for a couple of weeks, they are well worth growing, since they show their blooms much earlier than the rest of the roses.

Single Cherry, or Red Nelly, was the first one to show its flowers this year. I like the single, crimson, fragrant flowers very much. This rose was bred in the 19th century - as most Burnet roses were.

Totenvik is a lovely, white Burnet rose. It's also an old rose and it has a lovley fragrance. It's origin is unknown but I've heard somewhere that it's a Norwegian rose originally. Does anybody know?

Poppius, or Rosa stenbergii, is an old, fragrant, pink rose which can reach the impressive size of 2 x 2 metres. Unlike the rest of the Burnets, this one hasn't got very many thorns at all. It's a very nice rose.

William's Double Yellow, or Double Yellow Scots Rose, is - believe it or not - yellow! It's also from the 19th century and very pretty!

But prettiest of all, I think, is Stanwell Perpetual. It was bred by Lee in 1838 and is the only Scots rose which is remontant. The big flowers are peachy-pink and they fade into a very pale pink. Fragrant and totally irresistable. But don't let its romantic appearance fool you - it has billions of thorns...

Wishing you all a lovely week! /Katarina

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Randi sa...

Her var det mye fint...sky watch var nydelig!!
Rosene helt perfekte.:-))

Ønsker deg en strålende fin dag.

Anonym sa...

What a beautiful picture in your header.
Lovely post on roses

Titania sa...

Katarina thank you for your message. Your new header looks very nice and the rose is wonderful. Your pictures are so clear I want to touch the roses to feel their silky petals and smell their heady perfumes. The old roses you have posted are delightful. I think my favourite is the thorny pink one but it is really hard because they are all so charming! Your information is good too I haven't known about Burnet Roses.

chrome3d sa...

You have very sunny and beauitiful blog. Beautiful flowers. I like this a lot.

Yolanda Elizabet sa...

What a lovely collection of roses you have Katarina. Stanwell Perpetual is my favourite, thorns and all. ;-)

Hot and dry makes a nice change from the usual damp and chilly weather you have.

Enjoy the roses while they last!

GardenJoy4Me sa...

Katarina !
What absolutely goregous roses you have ! .. the new header picture is beautiful .. I find I can't let go of mine yet because it just seems so perfect for me : )
The last rose reminds me of a pink frilly gown .. it must be stunning in real life too !
I can't wait for my new climbers to grace me with at least one rose ? the weather has been your opposite here .. cool and wet, so a jungle is growing.
Wonderful post Katarina : )

Marie sa...

Å så vakre roser :)

Barbara sa...

Stanwell Perpetual is always among the first three roses to bloom in my garden and I like it also very, very much. In Spring it has this light pink colour and during summer and autumn it mostly changes into almost white. Most of my Old Roses have reached the peak and are already going to fade now.
Enjoy your beautiful roses!
Greetings from Switzerland,

Viooltje sa...

Ach, could wonderful be the right word? I think it's somewhere beyond that. Your roses are just breathtaking, and I can tell just how much you feel for them reading between the lines and then taking a glimpse of that outstanding beauty.

Jane Marie sa...

I love the old fashioned roses. You have some lovely shots here.

Katarina, you've been tagged for a meme. Stop by my blog for the details.

Dick sa...

Your roses are beautiful, I tried it a lot of times in my very small garden but they won't grow.

Niels Plougmann sa...

Scots Roses are also the first to bloom here - We live not very far from each other! Hope you have enjoyed the warm sunny weather and are getting some much needed rain these days!

Marnix Bakker sa...

Totenvik is a Rose from Sweden, found in the place Totenvika. I do have a small, new one planted this spring in my garden. Is yours a grown-up beauty now? Greetings, Marnix