8 juni 2008

Glorious times for the Bumble Bee

I've been studying a Bumble Bee today. Fascinating creatures - they are very hard working and they seem to be able to carry tremendously heavy loads. Just look at it - coming in from the left - aiming for one of my favourite roses:

It must be heaven, if you're a Bumble Bee, to be able to swim in golden pollen...

The Bumble Bee seems to want more and more. And who am I to blame it? Wouldn't I also want to get more and more of the golden treasure if I could?

Finally, the load is so heavy the Bumble Bee needs to fly away to unload.

The Rose on the pictures is one of my favourites. It's a modern shrub rose, which blooms throughout the summer. I've lerned that it's a seedling from the rambler Francis E Lester, called Lyda Rose. The hybridizer, Kleine Lettunich, named it for her daughter. Since it's an American hybride, I guess it's quite common in the States, but it's hard to get here in Sweden. I bought mine from England, and I'm so glad I did - it's a darling!

Take care! /Katarina

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GardenJoy4Me sa...

Katarina hello there !
This is a great story board of "The Bumble Bee and the Rose"
It is amazing that some of these bees can fly because they are so big and get so loaded down with pollen. They are so interesting to watch just like you have here.
Love that rose .. can't wait to see Morden Sunrise start its show .. it is my favorite I have to say .. we do that don't we ?.. become fascinated with one and it becomes our favorite.
Wonderful pictures !

Marie sa...

If the Bumble Bees had known how heavy they are, they wouldn't been abel to fly...

Beautiful rose! Gorgeous photos!

Have a nice week :)

Threadspider sa...

Summer is complete when the roses bloom and the bumble bees are out working. I'm fascinated by then too. Glorious pictures Katarine-I can smell the flowers from here.

Ann sa...

I enjoyed your story of the Bumble Bee, I remember once a bee was in my greenhouse exhausted from trying to find the way out, I put it on a saucer with some water and it drank the water then after a while flew away.

Baba sa...

These are great Bumble Bee shots. They are all pretty. You have captured a great moment.

Virginia (Jenny) sa...

I wish I was good at gardening! It takes a lot of time and time is hard for me to find right now. :) I think when my kids get a little older I will give it more of a try. Pretty pics!

gintoino sa...

I love bumblebees! I'm always trying to catch them with my camera but they seem so tricky to photograph. Gorgeous rose, I just love simple roses.

guild-rez sa...

Hello Katarina..
we are oceans apart but we both enjoy nature
Just finished my blog entry about Bumble Bees in our garden.
I was really busy during the last few month. The house got a new roof. The garden in front of the house was damaged by the roofers and was replanted. Today I am installing automatic water irrigation for the front of the house.
Very often I am hiking in one of our wonderful parks.
Not much time to sit in front of the computer. I really appreciate your visits and comments.
Next month, I am coming closer to your country, we are visiting Germany and Sweden.
-Cheers Gisela

guild-rez sa...

Hello Katarina..
my Bumblebee is up..
cheers Gisela

lareine sa...

wouldn't life be grand if we are all bumble bees --- hardworking, with a strong sense of cooperation without competition or envy... plus a wonderful perk of having to immersed oneself in the beauty of such marvelous product of nature --- flowers:)... but alas! we, humans, would just have to content ourselves with looking at these blooms and capturing their beauty in shots like these :)