28 juni 2008

Gardens of Gothenburg

The gardening year 2008 has begun. Today some leading designers presented their collections around Gothenburg. I visited 'Trädgårdsföreningen' / the Garden Society of Gothenburg today and enjoyed both the park and the new flowerbeds.

The exhibitions will run until September 28th, in Gothenburg Botanical Garden, Gunnebo House and Gardens, Liseberg Park and the Garden Society of Gothenburg. So if you visit Gothenburg this summer - make sure not to miss it!

When you enter the Garden Society of Gothenburg, you find this English-looking park. It's well kept, peaceful and very beautiful.

The park is situated right in the centre of town - close to shops and restaurants.

You can have lunch - or coffee - in the Rose Café - where you can sit outside, surrounded by a fantastic Rose Garden.

There are fountains as well as trees, roses and perennials.

The hothouse is impressive. I think it's the most beautiful hothouse I've ever seen. It was built in the beginning of the 20th century - as was the whole park.

Here follows some pretty pictures from the park today:

I hope you've enjoyed this little tour! /Katarina

6 kommentarer :

Meems sa...

Katarina: How lovely this park seems. The photos are wonderful... that hothouse is breathtaking. Glad you enjoyed your day there.
Meems @Hoe&Shovel

Titania sa...

Katarina this is a beautiful Garden. I particularly love the grasses with the granite slabs, it looks great. I would have enjoyed a cup of coffee at the rose restaurant! Thanks for that lovely tour.

Andrea's Garden sa...

Beautiful gardens! I have got to see this the next time I am in Sweden. The greenhouse is huge and impressing. Thank you for sharing. Andrea

lareine sa...

katarina, thank you for the lovely tour... the area with the fountain is so refreshing, especially on a hot, humid summer day... and with a book, i'll be content in the english garden... and that greenhouse looks like a haven for plants and gardeners alike...

Greyscale Territory sa...

I loved wandering your world of flowers here!

Ewa sa...

wonderful place :) thanks for tour.