15 juni 2008

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day - June 15

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day is kindly hosted by Carol at May Dreams Garden. If you want to take a look at gardens throughout the world - please visit Carol's place.

This year is an exceptional one. We have had unusually dry and hot weather, and the flowers in my garden have started to bloom at least 3 weeeks early.

Today we've had some rain - the first showers for two months! All my roses are in bloom - Burnet roes, Rugosas, Gallicas, Floribundas, Hybrid musks nd english reses. And what a Year of the Rose it is! Normally only the Scots roses and some of the early Rugosas bloom in June - but the whole garden is already filled with gorgeous rose scent. This is the Moss rose Black Boy and the Rugosa Kamtschatka:

One of my favourite roses is Irma - a Swedish rose which flower throughout the summer. It grows into a tall, big shrub with plenty of thorns and the roses are so beautiful!

Some Geraniums have already finished their blooms but luckily there are many that flower thorughout the summer. This one is a favourite, with big, magenta-coloured flowers. Unfortunately I've forgotten its name. Does anybody know?

The Sweet Peas are also very early to show their lovely scented flowers. I just love Sweet Peas and this year I've planted them in pots by the stairs towards the playhouse. I wouldn't want to be without them!

I grew Pentemon digitalis last summer and a couple of weeks ago they showed their first flowers. What a surprise I got! They weren't white at all, as they should have been, but a lovely blue hue!

Some Peonies have already given up. But one (nameless) - which I bought last summer - is still flowering. Big, magenta-coloured flowers fly above the foliage. Beautiful - as all Peonies are!

Some shrubs are also in bloom. The Elder - which normally blooms after midsummer - have plenty of flowers. This year I'm going to turn the flowers into Elder-champagne!

And the dark-leaved Physocarpus opulifolius 'Diabolo' have pretty flowers in addition to the dark leaves which look great next to the pink roses. My Clematis are also in bloom - this one is probably 'Warzawska Nike':

Dianthus has gorgeous, pink flowers - a very nice perennial groundcover with silvery leaves.

Most bulbs have withered away, but the Nectaroscordum siculum is still pretty. Although it has an unpleasant smell - it's beautiful to look at.

The same goes for the orange Lily which I gave my dear mother-in-law some 15 years ago. She is now in an old people's home - but her Lilies continue to bloom in our garden - in remembrance of her.

In our hothouse, an almost black Calla Lily is accompanied by some Cannas. I 'stole' the Canna seeds when visiting Santa Barbara in October last year, so they are my Californian souvenirs. The one to the left is a seedling of 'Lucifer' and the one to the right is a seedling of 'Journey's End'. I must confess that I'm always very tempted to grab hold of mature seeds, when I see some - how can I be 'cured'?

The Bluebells are Swedish though. I use them between the Rose bushes together with Nepeta - blue flowers in between roses in pink look great!

And finally, Foxgloves - I wouldn't want to be without Foxgloves! My garden is not a formal garden - I try to make it look more like an English cottage garden, so Foxgloves fit in very well, I think.

This is a selection of flowers in my garden today. My summer vacation begins in three days - I will spend it among my roses... How will you spend yours? /Katarina

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Viooltje sa...

Well I'd say it's an adorable Swedish cottage garden. The bloom are just stunning and the first photo is my favorite type of gardens. Plus I have found a name for my mystery plant (Nectaroscordum) although I have no idea who planted it in my garden ;-)
My compliments on an overwhelming array of blooms. I'm sure you will enjoy your summer vacation. Who wouldn't?

Vanillalotus sa...

Beautiful blooms and all of them in wonderful vibrant and summery colors I'm envious of your sweet peas of course roses. I don't have roses and my sweet peas didn't make it, it's just too hot. Happy GBBD

Anonym sa...

Lovely blooms Katarina. I love foxgloves too,

Weed Whackin' Wenches sa...

What a wonderful garden. The orange lilies are quite stunning. I also love that almost black calla lily. I'm very curious about your elder champagne!

Lilli & Nevada sa...

My what a beautiful garden you have there. i wish i could have that in my yard, but no green thumb here.

Sarah Laurence sa...

Katarina, your lovely yard does look like an English cottage garden. Everything looks so healthy despite your lack of rain – if only we could have shared some of ours. I can see why you love Irma. I can almost smell her from here. I love that magenta flower too (would clematis be too obvious a guess?)

What a perfect vacation spot! We are gearing up to move back home to Maine next month with no vacation plans in the near future. Once settled, I’ll spend some beach time with kids. Home vacations are very relaxing, especially after living abroad. I’ll also take a working vacation on Nantucket Island painting watercolors.

Baba sa...

Entering its blog, is to enter the garden of the visual delights... Alone lack to be able to feel the fragrance of these so marvelous flowers.
A great series.

Green thumb sa...

Weather is sure playing tricks everywhere...my place is having rains quite early in their arrival this time!!
The blooms are all lovely, as always!
Best Wishes.

gintoino sa...

Your garden is looking lovelly katarina. I love the foxgloves!
I've tried Nectaroscordum siculum this year, with little success.

Kerri sa...

Your roses are a dream Katarina! Irma is a real beauty, especially with the bluebells beside her. What a wonderful combination! Sigrun of Hillside Gardens (see her link on my sidebar) might be able to name your geranium. It's a wonderful colour.
I also love the colour of the clematis. So gorgeous!
That's a great way to plant sweet peas. Aren't they lovely?
I would certainly want to spend my vacation among my roses too, if I had such beauties as you do.
Your garden is looking wonderful in spite of the dry weather. Hope you get some good rain soon.

Carol sa...

Very pretty. It is nice to finally get rain after it has been dry for so long. I hope you get more rain as you need it throughout the summer. Your garden is a lovely place.

Thanks for joining in for bloom day.
Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Ewa sa...

beautiful Swedish-English garden! roses seem to be in their best time without rain and in hot, dry weather.
Your roses are gorgeous!
Thank you for sharing.

joey sa...

Your garden is indeed lovely, Katarina. I have fallen in love with 'Irma'. If you find her missing, you will know where to look ;)

Barbara sa...

What a beautiful garden, so full of wonderful flowers. I didn't know there exist Swedish roses, they are not known here! But your Swedish rose is gorgeous. Your geranium might be "Ann Folkard" if it has a heigth of about 60cm (I cannot see the leaves to identify it exactly).
Have a nice vacation! Greetings from Switzerland,

Yolanda Elizabet sa...

Such wonderful roses Katarina, what a lovely contribution to GBBD. And all your other flowers are looking great too. Iy's good to know that you've had such lovely weather lately. Your garden looks great and I am not surprised that you want to spend your holiday there. If you want to know where I spend mine you have to visit my blog. ;-)

Niels Plougmann sa...

Your garden really looks lovely, in spite of the drought. We are only getting showers, which add next to nothing of water to the plants roots. At least it has gotten more cloudy, but the wind really makes the soil dry out and stress the plants. I think Your Geranium is G. Psilostemom
'Paticia', but Barbara could be right it could also be 'Ann Folkard' - but
Ann Folkard is harder to grow up here.

Greyscale Territory sa...

The flowers in your garden are stunningly beautiful!