13 juni 2014

Six word Friday - Double

Det fantastiska, glänsande överflödet av blommor
Färgerna och dofterna, ger dubbla intryck.

The fabulous, glorious abundance of flowers
The colours, the scents, double impressions.

Link: Six Word Friday at My Memory Art.

Happy Friday!

3 kommentarer :

Miriam sa...

I love those big 'paper' poppies lovely Double.

Maureen @ Josephina Ballerina sa...

Hi Katarina!
I certainly enjoyed your words that went perfectly with the photo. Those poppies do look like they are made of paper.
Visiting you from Six Word Fridays. :) :)

NatureFootstep sa...

en vacker kombination. :)
Hi, found you at Bonnies.As Bonnie with PAF is taking a break and Lori with MOM seem to have vanished from earths surface we are getting short of PhotoArt memes. I already have NF Abstract but are considering starting a new “NF DigitalArt Meme”. If you are interested let me know what you think.