29 augusti 2014

Six word Friday - Daze

Efter år av oro och ångest
långsamt och helt omtumlad inser jag 
Så är det! Nu vet jag!
Behöver alls inte försöka hitta den
Glädjen bor här inne i mig.

After years of worries and anxiety
In a daze I slowly realize
This is it! Now I know!
No need to search any longer
Happiness lives right inside of me.

Happy weekend!

5 kommentarer :

Tamar SB sa...

lovely picture and great prose!

Anonym sa...

Oh Katarina, my day yesterday was Just Like That. In thanksgiving I prayed that my insight would STAY! Ah, to live "in the pink" just like in your photograph!
(An American expression meaning to be in very good health and spirits.)
Blessings, m & jb

Donna sa...

A perfect happiness indeed inside of us!

Miriam sa...

A beautiful picture and lovely quote. Great six words

Zinnia sa...

Pricksäker text! Kram Zinnia