15 augusti 2014

Six word Friday - Short

En kort stund, en rosa himmel.
Alla vattendroppar som gör sig redo
att falla mjukt ner till marken.
Långsamt börjar så vattenångorna stiga uppåt
och allt börjar helt om igen.

A short moment, a pink sky.
All droplets that are getting ready
to softly fall to the ground.
Slowly the steam start to rise
and everything starts all over again.

Carpe diem

7 kommentarer :

Brandi sa...

So beautiful! Lovely detail and color. Fabulous six words, too!

Maureen @ Josephina Ballerina sa...

Hi Katerina!
I always enjoy your thoughtful six words. They are like a little Moment of Zen.
Thank you.

Miriam sa...

Your 6 words are just beautiful and your picture even more so.

Adrienne sa...

Beautiful MACRO!!!! Love the colors in this shot as well - and aren't we both blessed to be able to capture these 'short' moments so they stay with us for a long time!!?!

maryaustria sa...

An absolutely amazing photo! And wonderful words too!

Anonym sa...

Beautiful pink and green shades!

Carol sa...

Beautiful words! Beautiful photo!