8 augusti 2014

Six word Friday - Long

Han har rest så väldigt länge
längs en lång och vindlande stig.
Han har äntligen nått min trädgård
och jag säger: Hej, vackra Amiral!

He has travelled a long way
along a long and winding road.
He has finally reached my garden
and I say: Hey, beautiful Admiral!


7 kommentarer :

Brandi sa...

wow, what a gorgeous shot! The colors and details of his wings are magnificent!

Carol sa...

What a beautiful Admiral!

Carol sa...


Stopping back by to thank you so much for your comforting words on Shaniel's Story. I left you a detailed reply on your comment that I hope you will go back and read.

When we go back to Europe, Sweden is on our list! Oh... would be so nice to get some pointers on places to see and visit.

Have a wonderful day, my friend.

Ela sa...

What a gorgeous photo of the butterfly ! Greetings

Miriam sa...

Oh! this is such a very beautiful photo and a great six words.

Maureen @ Josephina Ballerina sa...

Hello Katrina!
Isn't it amazing how far these lovely creatures fly to come visit us?
Isn't is amazing how far our words fly that we can write to each other across the miles?
Smiling, m & jb

Adrienne sa...

It is daunting to me to imagine the long journey of these delicate creatures - really so awe inspiring. Beautiful photo and thought - thanks for linking up!