22 augusti 2014

Six word Friday - Mirror

Spegeln tar ner den vackra himlen
 - jag vill ta molnen med mig hem.
Försöker ivrigt spara dem för alltid
men spegeln säger ett blankt 'nej'!

The mirror reserves the beautiful sky
- I wish to save the clouds.
Trying to keep them for ever
but the mirror says 'no way'!

Carpe diem

8 kommentarer :

♥ Hannele på Hisingen sa...

snyggt, kanske kan man inte lita på spegeln ♥

Miriam sa...

This is fabulous, two reflections, absolutely beautiful

Tamar SB sa...

gorgeous! I am a sucker for a side mirror reflection.

Debbie sa...

there is nothing quite like a car mirror reflection!! this one is beautiful!!

Adrienne sa...

Such a cool shot! The mirror has your perfect focus...and the clouds, alas, never stay the same for long!

Anonym sa...

Your words apply to people, too. For most of my life, I hated my reflection in the passenger side mirror. "So ugly," I would think. And now, at age 59, the mirror has let go of all that negativity. I see beauty there -in clouds, and in me.

Your words are beautiful and so is the photo, Katerina.

Carol sa...

I love how you captured the clouds in your side view mirror. Very creative and beautiful!

Zinnia sa...

Vacker text. jag gillar denna om himmlen. - Jag är en droppe i havet och speglar mig i himlen! Kram Zinnia