5 september 2014

Six word Friday

Sakta med säkert gör hösten entré
färgerna mattas och förvandlas till guld
Försöker desperat hålla kvar lite värme
men naturen är obeveklig och hård
Det är dags för vila nu

Slowly but surely autumn is approaching
the colous are turning to gold
Desperately trying to keep some warmth
but Nature is harsh and relentless
It is high time for repose

Carpe diem / Katarina

5 kommentarer :

Adrienne sa...

Elegant words. Yes, I can feel it too ... the subtle fading of the green and the changes in the light. That second photo is amazing!

Miriam sa...

Both of your photos are amazing but that second one...WOW. Great six words.

Anonym sa...

Hi Katarina,
Even with the cold, I have always liked winter.
:) m & jb

Carol sa...

I was thinking the same thing. In fact, the fist of September came and I could feel the change in the air. I don't know how it does it, but it happens every year. I love autumn!

RNSANE sa...

You've captured the very essence of autumn. Here in India, where I am spending four months, I see no hint of autumn. Monsoon rains still plummet Mumbai and it is hot. I'm missing my cool, foggy San Franciso a bit.

My post and six words are about one of the kitties where I am renting a room in Mumbai.