3 september 2014


Allt vatten har ett perfekt minne och det försöker alltid återvända till sitt ursprung.
Toni Morrison

All water has a perfect memory and is forever trying to get back to where it was.
Toni Morrison

Bohusländska sjöbodar  / The Archipelago of western Sweden

Carpe diem / Katarina

4 kommentarer :

Pieni Lintu sa...

Looks so lovely!! Vackert!

Tante Mali sa...

Dear Katarina,
I love this picture and for sure I love Toni Morrison! She's a fantastic writer!
All my best to you and a wonderful time

you-wee because sa...

That's exactly what I experienced when taking a shower: Once you had water in your ears and you managed to remove it, it always comes back... ;-)
Beautiful photograph!

Felicia sa...

Gorgeous image Katarina.