12 september 2014

Six word Friday

trådar som vävs i det tysta
börjar sakta sjunga när de berörs

threads that are woven in silence
begin to sing when tenderly touched

Carpe diem / Katarina

5 kommentarer :

Tamar SB sa...

that is lovely! what a great photo!

Maureen @ Josephina Ballerina sa...

Hi Katarina,
Those word are full of hope, aren't they? That someone or something Will come along to touch them.

Carol sa...

The photo is very intriguing. It almost reminds me of a spider's web. The words go perfectly with it. Or... maybe it's my imagination. However intended, I love it!

Ida sa...

This is wonderful. I loved it.

Donna sa...

Just a lovely verse with a stunning image