26 september 2014

Six word Friday

Ni har verkligen förgyllt min sommar.

You really have enlightened my summer.

Ljudlöst har ni flugit omkring mig.

Soundless did you cross my path.

Nästan dags nu att flyga söderut
- önskar er alla en säker resa!

Almost time now to fly south
-wishing you all a very safe trip!

6 kommentarer :

Tamar SB sa...

Such pretty butterflies!

viola sa...

so beautiful pictures:)

Jutta.K sa...

Was für wundervolle Farben und ein entzückender Schmetterling.

Maureen @ Josephina Ballerina sa...

Hi Katarina!
The butterflies have flown away south here. It has been quite chilly at night. Too chilly for them, I guess. What is left are the hardy crickets, still chirping on in the chill.

But it is supposed to get warmer every day for the next several days. And sunny after a lot of rain yesterday. I'm glad of it, because we're going to an outdoor wedding tomorrow down in Virginia. Funny, we went to an outdoor wedding last Saturday up in New Jersey. It was perfect weather there, too.

Have just a few photos on my blog. They couldn't hire a photographer, so I stepped in.

Wishing you a lovely weekend, m & jb

Bethany Carson sa...

The butterfly and flowers are gorgeous! Very nice shots!

Our photos sa...

Beautiful are the photos!