10 september 2014


Det pratas mycket om ekonomi och budget i valrörelsen, men egentligen borde det pratas om hur vårt jordklot och dess invånare mår.

On Sunday the Swedish people will vote for a new government. There's a lot of talk about economy and budget, but what we really should be talking about is our Planet and its inhabitants. 

Man kan inte uppnå en hållbar miljö och mänsklig utveckling utan att tillgodose de grundläggande behoven av hälsa och näring.
Gro Harlem Bruntland

You cannot achieve environmental security and human development without addressing the basic issues of health and nutrition.
Gro Harlem Brundtland

Carpe diem / Katarina

2 kommentarer :

Anonym sa...

You are so right, Katarina. It's like economy and budget occur in a vacuum somehow divorced from anything Living.

Your photograph today is very beautiful -it's full of life!

:) m & jb

barbara sa...

You are right! And in your country you are way more attempt to environmental issue than we in Italy are!
Beautiful picture!