5 juli 2008

Creatures in my garden in July

We're in a hot spell again. Even at this hour - 11 am - it's almost too hot to be outside. At least for me, anscestor of the Vikings as I am. But some creatures find the weather delightful.

The small tortoiseshell butterflies are feasting on Nepeta faassenii. There are loads of butterflies flying around. A very pretty sight.

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The bees are also busy. They are everywhere - and they seem to love Rosa rugosa 'Rugspin' in particular! - I don't blame them- the scent is delightful!

And the big, hairy Bumble bees are really a hard workers. From early morning till late at night, they fly around doing their chores. I just love them! And they love my roses... This rose is called 'Gloire des Rosomanes' and it's a lovely, carefree china rose with a gorgeous scent.

We've also had a hedge hog visiting our garden. My old dog barked like mad and the hedgehog curled up and just waited until we disappeared inside the house. What else have we got? - Well, birds of course, but also a couple of blindworms. They live in one of the composts, but when I went out to take a photo of them this morning, they were outside their house - probably on their way to get some food...

The one creature that I miss in my garden, is the frog. I've dug a very small pond - but so far no frogs to be seen. The pond is probably too small, so I'll have to be content with the fake one.

But mosquitoes and gnats thrive in the pond...they walk and sleep on the surface!

My holidays are spent at a slow pace, in my garden, tending to my new puppy and my old dog. I don't get very much done - but this is the kind of vacation I like the most! Just to take every day as it comes.... /Katarina

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Niels Plougmann sa...

It is also sweltering hot here Katarina! I need to deadhead buckets and buckets of spent roses today, and there are petals all over the garden. I also need to water my roses - since I have been gone 5 days fishing for salmon. At least we are going to get some much needed rain soon! I love all the butterflies and bees too and saw plenty of frogs and toads by the river.

Jo, a retired teacher sa...

Thank you for visiting my blog. It has been 100+ degrees at my home too, but the humidity is so low that it is safer than the heat at high-humidity places. Your pictures are beautiful. I had 18 rose bushes in the house I sold two years ago, and I miss their beauty and fragrance.

Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens sa...

A summergarden with dancing butterflies, bees humming, fat bumblebees burying deep into your scented roses. The heat intensifies their scent.You have all of summer's splendour in your garden. Have a nice holiday Katarina.

Unknown sa...

Hello Katarina, noticed your visit on my blog..
Wonderful pictures of little creatures. They make our garden come alive.
Have a wonderful summer..

Mireille sa...

beautiful garden you are!
About the 2 photos of the rosa rugosa, it was strange for me because I took this kind of photos of the same rose with bees!!
Have a nice summer in your lovely garden

Hannele på Hisingen sa...

Helmysiga bilder.