16 februari 2008

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, February 15

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day originates from Carol at May Dreams Gardens. The idea is to post a report of blooms in your garden by the 15th of each month. This is my first contribution.

February is supposed to be a winter month here in western Sweden. This year has been unusually mild, more like autumn. But during the last few days we've experienced a cool spell.

There aren't many flowering plants yet, but a couple of hellebores are in bloom. The double, white Helleborus niger:

and the spotted Helleborus orientale:

Some Pansies are in bloom, and, of course, the Snowdrops:

But most important of all, is my Camellia. I bought this plant in England in March 2006, when I visited Bristol on a teachers training course. Along with 3 other plants, I carried it through the customs in my hand luggage. And yesterday I discovered the first flower! - How I've waited for this occasion! This camellia is called Silver Anniversary - and it's beautiful!

First came a bud:

then the semi double, white flower emerged:

Some of you might think that a camellia is nothing much to get excitied about - but to us, here in Sweden, camellias are quite exotic and hard to handle. They simply don't like our climate. So,
I keep it on my verandah - otherwise it wouldn't survive.

So, right now I sit in my verandah, enjoying my Camellia, while I wait for other plants to flourish.

Happy growing! /Katarina

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Threadspider sa...

The Camellia is so breath takingly beautiful and I love the story of you carrying it in your hand luggage through customs! I was surprised to see so many plants in flower-I too thought it would still be very cold in Sweden.You seem to be about the same stage we are.

I have an award for you over on my blog-come over and see what it is and enjoy it.

minhus sa...

Hej! Lovely pics of lovely flowers. I needto plant some Hellebores. They're fantastic.

Rick sa...

Wow - this IS a garden blog. Where I live they call it the home of winter flowers.


Carol sa...

Your camellia is a beautiful flower and I agree, it's exciting to keep one in Sweden and have it bloom. The hellebores are pretty, too. Mine aren't even thinking about blooming yet.

Welcome to Bloom Day! I hope you'll continue to join us each month.

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Sue Swift sa...

Your photos are stupendous and I'm really glad I found your blog. I'll be back!

Randi sa...

Men så söt den dubbla julrosen är - en sån MÅSTE jag bara skaffa. Blir avis på att din Kamelia redan blommar!
Tack för din kommentar så jag hittade hit!
Ha en skön dag!

Karen Hall sa...

I love your double helleborus - that is next on my shopping list.
Great photos

joey sa...

Lovely photos ... enjoy spring! My garden is still under snow :(