15 februari 2008

Toromiro - a very unusual tree

Toromiro - Sophóra toromíro - is said to be one of the most unusaul trees in the world. It used to grow on the Easter Island, but, unfortunately, not any longer... Isn't it sad how so many species disappear from our planet each year?

A long time ago, seeds were taken from this tree by Tor Heyerdal and luckily some of the seeds germinated. The tree now grows in the greenhouse of the Botanical Garden of Gothenburg, Sweden. Attempts have been made by the park to reestablish it on Easter Island - without any success.

Right now the tree is in bloom. I visited the botanical garden yesterday and was met by a frosty sight as I entered the park. There was ice on the pond, which is quite an unusual event this year. (No flowers yet in the circular bed as you can see.)

Inside the warm greenhouse I found the Toromiro with its yellow flowers:

Is it true that it only grows here in Gothenburg, or have you seen it anywhere else?

3 kommentarer :

Threadspider sa...

Well, I can't answer your question, but this is a wonderful story. As you say, what a shame so many species disappear each year but there may still be hope for the Toromiro.

kate sa...

What a beautiful tree - the flowers and foliage look as if they might be related to the pea family.

Thankfully, seeds were taken and hopefully, one day, the trees will take root again in Easter Island.

jodi sa...

I don't know this tree either, but it is certainly alarming how many species are disappearing, mostly through human stupidity. Thanks for telling us about it, Katarina!