12 februari 2008

Garden Bloggers Geography Project

Jodi DeLong of Blooming writer, challenged bloggers to write a bit about their hometown. So here I go:

I live in Gothenburg, Sweden, which, as you might know, is situated in Scandinavia. Our closest neighbours are Denmark, Norway and Finland.

Gothenburg lies next to the sea and the Port of Gothenburg is the largest port of Scandinavia.

Lots of people use the sea for recreation, e.g. swimming, sunbathing and sailing. And so do we in our family, during the summer months.

Gothenburg has lots of beautiful parks.
Slottsskogen is a very big park where people meet for strolls and picnics. Trädgårdsföreningen is a smaller park in the centre of town, with nice plantations and a lovely rose garden. But the most well known park is probably the Botanical Garden. It's one of the biggest botanical gardens of Europe and it's a trully beautiful one with plants from all over the world. I just love to walk around in there!

Another park, but of a different kind, is Liseberg. It's known as the greatest amusement park in Scandinavia.

My part of the world is a suburbian area just south of Gothenburg. We live in a typically Swedish wooden house and our garden is average in size. Nevertheless, I've planted almost 75 different rose bushes during the three years that we've lived here. This time of year the surroundings look really dull, but it gets better during summer!

What else can I tell you? Well, Swedes are often considered to have introverted characters. This might be true and the reason is probably the long, dark wintermonths. For months on end, we rarely see daylight. Can you imagine?

- Oh, how I long for the light to return! /Katarina

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jodi sa...

Katarina, this is just great! Sweden is another one of those places I really hope to visit one day, (along with Iceland, Australia, Scotland and the Greek Islands...go figure!). The long dark winter is far worse than ours, obviously...but I can probably send you along some snow if you really want it. We have plenty!

Anonym sa...

Pam @ Digging says:

Katarina, I'm glad you left a comment at Digging, as it led me to your lovely blog. I enjoyed your geography post because I didn't know much about Sweden, and I love to see where other bloggers live. Your rose garden must be stunning in the spring.

By the way, if you'll change your settings to allow Nickname comments, you'll probably get more comments from people like me who don't use Blogger. I normally comment under the Nickname option so I can leave a link to Digging, but your current settings don't allow me to do that, so I'm falling back on a little-used Blogger account.


Katarina i Kullavik sa...

Thanks for your suggestion on the nickname Pam, I'll see to it right away.
Have a good day! /Katarina

Nicole sa...

That's a sweet little post. I visited Norway once, and loved it, so I hope to return to Scandinavia soon.

Lisa at Greenbow sa...

Katarina a lovely post about your part of the world. With such a wonderful Botanical Garden near you have lots of inspiration for your garden. I bet with all of those roses your garden smells heavenly during summer. Cheers.

Cabs sa...

It sounds lovely there (well except for the months of darkness, that I don't think I would deal with very well). But it sounds like there are many wonderful places to visit during the day-lit months and your gardens, with all those roses, sound heavenly!
I am in New England. It's barley above freezing today but the ginger honey tea is brewing so do come by for a visit!


Katarina I very much enjoyed your post for the Garden Bloggers Geography Project. Your yard is stunning in the summer time. The winter scene has it's own charm too, not dull at all. I'm still trying to figure out how you fit 75 types of roses! I'm having a love/hate, mostly hate, relationship with the 4 rose bushes in my yard.

Jenn sa...

The rose on your header is gorgeous!

Mr. McGregor's Daughter sa...

Your house has such a lovely setting - especially that rock ledge.

Yolanda Elizabet sa...

Love your post about your part of the world. I have a soft spot for Sweden and hope to visit it some day.

Your house has such a great setting amongst those big rocks!

Kerri sa...

Katarina, I'm trying to imagine your garden with 75 different rose bushes. It must be wonderful! I didn't find the top photo dull at all. Your yard and gardens look beautiful set around those large rocks.
Thanks for telling us a little about your lovely Sweden.
And no, I couldn't imagine those long, dark winter months. Our winter is long, cold and snowy, but at least we have light! You must sing for joy when spring arrives!

Cinj sa...

I would LOVE to visit Sweden some day. My Dad's whole family is all Swedish even though they came to the states many generations ago.

Your home sounds lovely. I couldn't imagine keeping that many roses alive. It seems I have a brown thumb when it comes to roses. I do well with most other plants though.