28 februari 2008

Some Crocuses and an Iris

We've had a sunny day today - I think Spring has arrived at least a month early this year. The lovely Crocus tommasinianus roseus is in bloom. I like the narrow petals and its colour a lot. The petals are almost white at the outside, which enhances the beauty of the flower.

The flowers of the blue, botanical crocuses have also appeared. Very pretty, I think. In fact, this time of year is almost the best. When the light returns and Spring arrives, you feel your spirits rise and you get your energy back. And so do the plants! Day by day you can see more and more buds appear.

Iris retuculata is an absolute favourite of mine. I
simply adore the exquisite shape of the flower! And the deep, blue colour, enhanced by its yellow, white and black marks, is fantastic!

Cheers! /Katarina

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Mimi sa...

Iris is one of my favorites. I am so jealous of you! I can't wait to see some flowers blooming in my garden. I have a lot of iris's and you have made me anxious to see them!

Threadspider sa...

There is such magic in these early spring days, with the warmth of the returning sun and these glorious new blooms. I never tire of the spring palette of blues and yellows. Lovely pictures Katarina.

Anonym sa...

these are truly lovely flowers

Robin's Nesting Place sa...

The irises are lovely!

Lisa at Greenbow sa...

I love seeing all this color. You are way ahead of my area for spring beauty coming through. It is wonderful to see your pictures.

Ewa sa...

Iris is so beautiful - in what kind of spot do you grow them?

Katarina i Kullavik sa...

Ewa, I grow them in an tall urn, placed by the entrance. Plenty of sun and a sheltered spot - maybe that's why they're so early. /Katarina

Cabs sa...

Wonderful to see the life returning to your garden. I too love those iris! Can't wait until color returns here and I can post the news! Many weeks still to go for me in Western Massachusetts.

Sue Swift sa...

Katarina, your photos are absolutely stupendous. the roses at the top of your blog are breathtakingly beautiful. I'm glad I found your blog.

guild-rez sa...

Wonderful flowers Katarina..
We still have a lot of snow and we are waiting for spring..
Thank you for your visit..
cheers Gisela

lareine sa...

wow, the flowers look great... i have some crocuses but no irises yet... your irises look so vivid :)

joey sa...

This colorful post is a 'feast for white eyes', Katarina. My hope for spring is hidden beneath another 6-8 inches of snow covered gardens ...:(

Catherine sa...

Oh what a beautiful blog you have..all of your photos and flowers are so beautiful! I can't wait to see flowers blooming in my yard again! ~My daffodils are close..:) Your crocus, and iris...and your beautiful roses all have helped chase away my winter blues!
Great captures!
Great blog!
I found your link at Joey's~The Village Voice! So glad I did, I will visit again soon!
Enjoy the weekend!

Ross Nevette sa...

Beautiful photos Katarina!

Patsi sa...


I love your blog.
Can I link to you?