7 februari 2008

The Colour Green

Walking through my garden today, I noticed the various shades of green. During summer, when roses and other perennials flourish, the colour green is not that noticeable - at least not in my garden. The flowers tend to dominate.

However, green is a colour that I appreciate very much. It's soothing and refreshing. This winter, when we lack snow, all my different Heucheras are still green. Or, perhaps I should say greenish. A few of them are perhaps more purple than green, for example Silver Scrolls.

The same goes for Palace Purple, which I think looks great next to the silvery foliage of Carnation - Dianthus gratianopolitanus.

The last Heuchera on show today, is definitely greener. I don't know it's name, I got it from a seed, but it's very beautiful this time of year. During summer it's got a light yellowish-green colour.

I really like Heucheras. They add colour and texture to my borders. And - the slugs don't fancy them. (Unfortunately I can't grow Hostas because of the slugs.)

One of my favourite wintergreen bushes, is Mahonia. The green, shining leaves turn into a bronze-like shade during winter. This is a bush that I find beautiful all year around. The blue berries of autumn are very decorative, as are the lovely flowers of spring as they start to open up.

Another bush that adds a touch of green to the garden during winter, is
rhododendron. I've got some 'ordinary' ones with lilac blooms; those are quite huge and old. They were here long before us. My newest one, has green leaves with yellow spots. This variety is a dwarf, called Goldflimmer.

The green colour of the foliage of Helleborus niger, is reflected in its white flowers. This one has got double flowers and is very beautiful. In Swedish this plant is called 'Christmas-Rose'.

Pansies are the promise of Spring. How well blue and green mix together! They remind me of how lucky I am to have my garden. - What on earth would I do without it...


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