14 februari 2008

Red Roses for Valentine Day

Valentine Day - it's supposed to be such a romantic day, isn't it?

Romance - the word brings roses to your mind, doen't it? Red roses?

In my garden I have only a few roses that are red. It's not that I don't like red roses, there are just colours that I like even better. However, there are a few red ones among all the other.

Santana is a climbing rose that doesn't grow very tall. It blooms all summer and the flowers are big and beautiful - almost like velvet in texture.

Adelaide Hoodless is a bush with quite small flowers. The individual flower isn't that exciting, but it's a nice variety because it gives you lots and lots of flowers during the whole season.

The last red one for today, is a rose that I like a lot. It's a good bloomer and the red roses with a spot of white in the middle are quite beautiful. It's called Gloire des Rosomanes or Jupiter's Lightning or Ragged Robin or Red Robin. Lots of names for a lovely rose....

Wishing you all a Happy Valentine Day! /Katarina

3 kommentarer :

jodi sa...

Adelaide Hoodless is a Canadian rose, bred in Morden, Manitoba, I believe; named after the woman who started the international movement known as Womens Institute. Her homestead in ONtario is a museum; you can read about it at http://www.hoodlesshomestead.ca. (that's your weird bit of trivia for today...:-) Happy Valentine's day, Katarina, your roses are perfect!

Threadspider sa...

I loved your red roses-a perfect idea for Valentine's Day. The only red rose I grow is called William Shakespeare and it is glorious.

Mimi sa...

My favorite red roses in my garden are Class of '76, Oklahoma, and Don Juan. I love Christian Dior also, but it is a slow bloomer. They are all long stemmed and great for cutting.