9 februari 2008

the first crocuses

The first crocuses are in bloom. This morning they were buds and after a couple of hours with sun, the buds started to open. This time of year, when most plants are still asleep, even a common flower like crocus, really makes me happy. It makes me feel alive.

Life is slowly coming back. Both gardens and people thrive under the sun - especially this year, after all the heavy rain and storms that we've had.

It's so fascinating to watch the flowers open. The colour of buds and flowers change with the light. - How I love the first flowers of spring!


5 kommentarer :

Digital Flower Pictures sa...

Nice photos. Your climate is much milder than I would have guessed.

kate sa...

So true how seeing Crocuses make one feel alive. Those are great photographs... I feel as if your flowers are about to spring to life!

I am going to check out your Swedish blog now!

jodi sa...

Katarina, these are lovely--such great light through them. Glad you were able to visit, and i'm enjoying your blog also!

jodi sa...

Are you not yet registered at Blotanical? Your site is an ideal fit for there, and it's good to see more blogs connected to one site for finding them according to geography. Log into www.blotanical.com to learn about it. It's all free, of course!

Ewa sa...

what great pictures! lovely light :)
I really enjoy looking at them - mine are not yet out :) how comes? in Sweden you have them...
only in West part of Poland - which is warmer - there are crocuses reported (:))