23 februari 2008

Some Pink Favourites

Many of my roses are pink. I don't really know why - I just seem to fall for that colour. And many of them have a bushy growth with plenty of thorns - and yet the most romantic flowers. That's kind of strange, don't you think? The combination of beautiful roses and plenty of thorns...

Today I'm going to show you four different rugosa-hybrids that I like very much.

The first one comes from Canada and grows into a tall bush, filled with roses from early summer until autumn. It's called 'Martin Frobisher'.

The second rose has Martin Frobisher as a parent. It's an English rose; the hybridizer is the famous David Austin. This one grows into a low and wide bush. It's called 'Mrs Doreen Pike' (named for one of mr Austin's emplyees). It blooms the whole season.

The third rose is a rugosa-hybrid from Germany. The hybridizer is called Sievers and this rose is quite new to the market. It grows into a medium sized rose bush and it's quite lovely. It's called Sachalin. It starts blooming early and continues until frost.

The last one for today, is absolutely adorable. It's a sibling to Sachalin and the flowers are almost white, flushed with pink - they get paler as they age and if the weather is very hot. This bush blooms all summer. It's called 'Kamtschatka' and is one of my favourites.

Today I noticed that both Kamtschatka and Sachalin have green sprouts - Spring is in the air!

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GardenJoy4Me sa...

Beautiful roses and some with Canadian "roots" ! .. I am a sucker for roses with lots of scent .. I just don't get the point of them NOT having scent. Even with beautiful form, it might as well be plastic if it doesn't seduce your other senses !
Very nice pictures !

Piondröm sa...

Det var bra när dom Canadensiska rosorna kom, då kunde vi som har lite kallare klimat än du längst kusten också ha roser.
Dom tidigare buskroserna vi hade frös alltid ner.
Vi har flera Canadensiska sorter
och dom växer och har blivit fina buskar.
Dina bilder får en värkligen att längta till sommaren.

Rosehaven Cottage sa...

I'm so glad you discovered Rosehaven Cottage's blog so I could come over and discover your blog.

I really like the Kamtschatka you've featured. I'm a sucker for pink roses as well--particularly if they are really pale like the Kamtschatka you have.

Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

kate sa...

I have Martin Frobisher in my garden too. I wish it was blooming right about now!!

Sachalin and Kamtschatka are both beautiful. I love their soft colours.

Nicole sa...

You have a lot of lovely, romantic pink roses. I love the form of David Austin roses. I also like the last rose a lot. The single china rose in your header photo is also one of my favorites. here, growing most roses is a challenge, unless you treat them as annuals-and that's way to expensive to do!

Mimi sa...

My favorite pink rose is Perfection. i love your phots, great blof! I'm going to link you on my blog as a favorite.

guild-rez sa...

Sir Martin Frobisher was an English seaman from Wakefield, Yorkshire who made three voyages to the New World to look for the Northwest Passage. All landed in northeastern Canada, around today's Resolution Island and Frobisher Bay. Your rose was named after him.
cheers Gisela

Salix Tree sa...

I love the blush color of the Kamtschatka, so soft and delicate.