21 februari 2008

Thanks for encouraging comments

This post is merely meant as a 'Thank you' to all of you who have given me encouraging comments on my blog. The world of blogging is quite new to me - and I'm thrilled and overjoyed by discovering and reading so many interesting blogs from all over the world. And - on top of that - receiving nice and warming comments from you all. A big bunch of tulips to you all:

A special THANKS to Threadspider at Spinningyarns who sent me an award a couple of days ago.

I would like to pass this award on to some blogs which are very interesting and joyable to read. (They are listed in a random order.)

The Village Voice is a blog which combines lovely pictures of flowers with delicious recipes. It's from the US.

Everything in the garden's rosy is a great gardening blog from England.

A Caribbean garden is an exotic gardening blog from the Carribean islands.

Windywillow is an inspiring blog from Ireland.

Trädgårdsdrömmar is a delightful blog from Sweden.

Digital Flower Pictures is an amazing blog with the most exquisite pictures of flowers.

Once again - thanks to you all! /Katarina

7 kommentarer :

Digital Flower Pictures sa...

Thanks so much and I am quite honored .

You have some lovely photos here.

Threadspider sa...

It ws my great pleasure Katarina. And thank you for introducing me to some great new blogs.

kate sa...

You deserve the award! Your blog is a visual treat for us all.

joey sa...

Thank you dear, Katarina, for your kind words. It has been a pleasure meeting you and viewing your lovely blog.

Piondröm sa...

Tack så mycket Katarina!
Det värmde gött;)
Det var roligt och se sitt svenska namn på bloggen bland andra utlänska, den texten kan dom bita i och försöka utala.
Ken & Carina

joey sa...

I'm so honored by the award, Katarina, and would like to include it on my blog but don't know how ... dah ... you are heads above me in computer skill. Any advice would be appreciated :)

Katarina i Kullavik sa...

Joey, just right click on the image and save it on your computer. Then go to 'layout' on your dashboard and choose a new element 'Picture' and insert it there.
Hope this will help you.
Regards, Katarina