3 februari 2008

February on the west coast of Sweden

No snow in sight as could have been expected. Only strong wind with a temperature around 5 degrees Centigrade. Not that I miss the snow, but I think the plants in my garden are wondering which season it is. Bulbs are starting to show and what will happen to them if snow and cold weather arrive, I simply don't know.

Although our garden in moderate in size, it holds around 70 rose bushes - I love
roses! Especially rugosa and moss hybrids. We also have some trees and other bushes, along with lots and lots of perennials and annuals...
I couldn't live without my garden! (And my family, of course...)

The part of our house that I love the most is our verandah. We installed heating in December and seedlings and tropical plants are thriving out there. (I do too, when I sit there, basking in the sun, with a cup of tea overlooking my plants.)

This is my first entry on this blogspot. I've decided to write in English. I spent a couple of years in England when I was young, and I love the language and would like to keep it up.

I have another blog too, where I use my native Swedish tongue. I started it this autumn. You can find it here:
rosor och ris

In this entry I've shown some of my whitish roses. They
are from top to bottom: Morden Snowrise, Bland Double de Coubert, Schneekoppe and Jacqueline du Pré.

That was all for today. Next time I'll show you some more photos of my greatest hobby: my plants and my garden.

Cheers! /Katarina

6 kommentarer :

Ewa sa...

Hello Katarina,
Thank you for visiting my blog and your nice words.
Your roses pictures are great - I also love them.
I will jump to your Swedish blog now :)
Is this the first comment on this new blog? :))
Greetings from Poland,

Katarina i Kullavik sa...

Ewa - yes, it is my first comment on this blog :-) -thank you!

heirloomgardener sa...

Congratulations on starting your new blog. I like your roses; I don't have any of them. I want to plant the Blanc Double de Coubert. Do you find that it is a good repeat bloomer? I've heard mixed reviews.

Katarina i Kullavik sa...

heirloom gardener: Yes, I think it's a good repeat bloomer, although it's not a continuous bloomer. At least not here in our climate. It's a lovely rose...

Annalunda sa...

katarina Kinnah...behövs egentligen kommentarer....så uuuuunderbart...!!!! Du har rosor som jag bara måste ha.... Kanske vi skulle byta lite rötter...:) Har du också två bloggar nu??? :) Men du har en hemsida också...och det har inte jag... ;) Kram Annie

Mr. McGregor's Daughter sa...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Your roses are all so lovely. I don't grow any, so I always enjoy seeing them in other gardens. Your missing snow? I've got it, here in Northern Illnois. I was wondering whose snow we were getting buried under.